Upholstery Cleaning 1

How long have you owned your couches and when is the last time you had them cleaned?

If your answer is a long time to either one of these questions it’s definitely time to call us and have your upholstery professionally cleaned. You might ask why, well did you know that dust mites, body oils, dirt, and odors are building up on your upholstered couches and producing an unhealthy sitting environment for you and your guest.

If you are in need of professional upholstery cleaning services in Bakersfield or the surrounding areas look no further California Carpet Cleaning is Bakersfield’s best upholstery cleaners our cleaning techniques are unmatched and we have built a rock solid reputation throughout Bakersfield and Kern county. If you want to relax today on healthy, clean, and sanitized couches give us a call and schedule your upholstery cleaning today.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process


Our technician will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the upholstery that we will be cleaning. He will identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results, as well as listen to any concerns you may have.​


A preconditioning agent is applied to every square inch of the upholstered areas we will clean. The products we use emulsify and break petroleum-based stains soil and general spots for a more thorough cleaning.

Pre- Agitation

A professional upholstery brush is used to further loosen the soil.

Soil Extraction and Rinse

The upholstery is then thoroughly deep cleaned and rinsed using a truck-mounted powerful extraction cleaning system to give you that deep clean without over-wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind.


This process ensures that the fabrics ph is at optimal levels to reduce rapid re-soiling, browning, and sticky fabrics that attract dirt.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Our technician will ask you to do a walk through of your home to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the service.