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Hard Floor Cleaning in Edison CA near Bakersfield

Call Bakersfield’s Most Trusted Hard Floor Cleaning Company In Edison CA to Get the Job Done

California Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing you high-quality hard floor cleaning for wood, laminate, vinyl and concrete in your home to keep them free of grime and your family safe from harmful dirt and grime hiding below the surface and in the cracks of your hard floors.

You can mop your floors, but you will realize that your floors do not recover their old look unless you find professional help. At California Carpet Cleaning in Edison CA we have the most advanced equipment and products to go deep into your hard floors and do the job no mop can do. With our help, your floors will look as good as new.

About California Carpet Cleaning in Edison near Bakersfield

Breaking Down The Hard Floor Cleaning Process


Visual inspection where our technicians will make a visual revision of your spaces with you to see the general state of your hard floors and identify any areas of concern.


Pre-spray the surfaces with a special product to loosen the dirt.


Agitate the product all over your floors with a special counter rotating brush.


Rinse the pre-spray treatment with pressured hot water.

Extract Soil & Dirt

Extract all the soil and dirt that comes out with the hot pressured water with our truck-mounted system.


If needed seal your hard floors with a sealant to protect them.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Our technicians go through the space revising everything with you, so you can review the work done and answer any questions.


Where you receive the invoice for the service received, detailing all work done.