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Mattress Cleaning in Old River CA near Bakersfield

Have You Ever Cleaned Your Mattress with the Help of Professionals?

Just like you clean your carpets and your upholstery, your mattresses also require attention and a periodical clean. It is recommended to have your mattress clean every 2 to 4 years.

As time passes by, your mattress can absorb dust, hairs, allergens, body oils, odors and many other pollutants that can cause you from allergies to something more serious.

This problem is not only affecting you but your loved ones as well, that is why you need to address this issue, and the best way to is with our mattress cleaning service, where we will completely clean your mattress, deodorize it and deeply rinse it to leave it as good as new.

Contact us today for mattress cleaning in Old River CA.

Mattress Cleaning in Old River CA near Bakersfield

Our Mattress Cleaning Process


Inspection where our technician looks at the mattresses to be clean with you to explain the process and answer any questions.


Pre-spray of a preconditioning product design to loosen the dirt on your mattress.


Soil extraction and rinse where the mattress is deeply cleaned and rinsed with the help of a truck-mounted extraction-cleaning system.

Soil Extraction and Rinse

Hot water extraction and dry stroke technique to ensure fast dry time.


Neutralizer that uses a special product to restore your mattress ph and to prevent rapid resoiling.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Post cleaning inspection where you review the work with the technician and get the final considerations.


Where you receive the invoice for the service received, detailing all work done.

Mattress cleaning service in Old River, CA

When cleaning the house, it is important to clean every single spot on your home. All the rooms must be cleaned to have a completely clean home. The mattress is an important part of the house, it is here where you rest and dream.

There are many reasons why keeping your mattress clean is important:

Get rid of mites and bugs

Elimination of allergens, mites, bugs, and more is a very important reason to clean your mattress. A dirty mattress can make you develop allergies. Also, the presence of bugs can infect you or your family with multiple diseases.

Remove dust

Dust can build up in your mattress and make you develop allergies or respiratory problems. The high presence of dust can accumulate inside your respiratory systems, causing discomfort and diseases.

Decrease chances of allergies

A clean mattress has no dust, mites, hair, or any other potential allergens, so keeping your mattress clean can decrease your chances to develop allergies.

Improve your home’s aesthetics

A clean mattress is a pretty mattress, and it is an important part of a well-designed, organized space. The presence of clean mattresses talks about the high hygiene of the homeowners, and make you look clean and responsible.

Avoid problems with your skin

A clean mattress lacks allergens, dust, dirt, oil, odors, and any other natural or synthetic compose than can irritate your skin. Keeping a clean mattress can help you decrease your chances of developing skin issues.

Give you comfort

There is nothing more comfortable than sleeping or resting in a clean, odor-free, fresh mattress. The comfort sensations you experiment when sleeping or resting in a spotless mattress is unlike any other. A clean mattress can help you sleep better, resting more.