Mattress Cleaning 1

How long have you owned your mattress? When is the last time you had it cleaned?

If your answer is a long time to either one of these questions it’s definitely time to have your mattress professionally cleaned. You might ask why, well did you know that dust mites, body oils, dirt, and odors are building up on your mattress and producing an unhealthy sleeping environment for you and your loved ones. If you want to lay down and have a good night’s rest tonight on a healthy, clean, and sanitized mattress give us a call we are the Bakersfield mattress cleaning experts schedule your mattress cleaning today.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process


Our technician will walk through your home with you to visually inspect your mattress. He will identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results, as well as listen to any concerns you may have.​


A preconditioning agent is applied to every square inch of the mattress we will clean. The products we use emulsify and break down traffic area soil and general spots for a more thorough cleaning.

Pre- Agitation

A professional mattress brush is used to further loosen the soil.

Soil Extraction and Rinse

The mattress is then thoroughly deep cleaned rinsed using a truck-mounted powerful extraction cleaning system to give you that deep clean without over wetting the mattress or leaving a sticky residue behind.


This process ensures that the mattress ph is at optimal levels to reduce rapid re-soiling, browning, and sticky fibers that attract dirt.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Our technician will ask you to do a walk-through of your home to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the service.

6 Reasons Why Mattress Cleaning Is Important

If you want to stay in a clean house, you have to clean all the items in your house. You should do regular cleaning activities every day to remove some impurities in your house. When cleaning your house, you should not forget about your mattress. It is very important that you clean this item regularly. Mattress is an important item that you usually have in your living room. Mattress cleaning is very important for all homeowners. You can get a lot of benefits from this cleaning activity. This article has several reasons why you may want to clean your mattress regularly.

1. Eliminate some mites and bugs

There are a lot of dust mites and bed bugs that may grow on your mattress. These insects can cause some health problems in you and your families. Therefore, you have to eliminate these insects immediately. There are many great ways to remove these insects. The best method for eliminating these mites and bugs is by cleaning your mattress regularly. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your mattress properly. Eliminating these insects can improve your families’ health significantly.

2. Remove dust

If you live in Singapore, you should know that dust may accumulate in your house very quickly. Dust may build up on some items inside your house, including your mattress. Therefore, you have to do regular mattress cleaning, so you can remove dust from your mattress completely. There are some dust removal tools that are available today. You can use these tools for removing dust from your house quickly. There are many other impurities that you should remove from your mattress, for example, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and some other unwanted things.

3. Reduce allergic reactions in your families

Some families may have allergic reactions to some impurities, such as dust or pollen. If you want to reduce the allergic reactions among your families, you may want to clean your house regularly. Don’t forget to clean all items inside your house, including your mattress. Most people usually spend most of their time on a mattress. You can spend up to 8 hours on top of this furniture every day. Therefore, you have to keep it clean, so you can avoid any allergic reactions that may happen in your body.

4. Improve the overall look of your house

This is another benefit that you can achieve by cleaning your mattress regularly. If you want to improve the overall look of your bedroom, you have to clean your mattress regularly. Make sure to clean the bed cover frequently, so you are able to make your bedroom look beautiful, neat, and clean. Many people are trying to clean their mattress to achieve this purpose. Most of them want to clean their mattress to improve the overall look of their house and bedroom.

5. Avoid some skin problems

This tip is very useful for all homeowners who have sensitive skin. Some people have sensitive skin that can be irritated by some unwanted materials, such as dust, mites, insects, and some other impurities. If you want to reduce the possibility of getting these skin problems, you have to clean your house regularly. Make sure to clean mattress at least once a week to remove these impurities from your mattress completely.

6. Make you feel comfortable

Most people usually feel comfortable when they stay in the clean and neat bedroom. If you want to feel comfortable staying in your house, you should clean all items, including your mattress regularly. Your families will also feel comfortable when they live in a clean house. You can also invite some other friends or relatives to visit your house. They will be very happy to visit your house. It is very important to clean all items inside your house to improve your comfort inside your own house.

Cleaning your mattress has a lot of benefits for you and your families. However, you may not have enough time for cleaning this item. There are some cleaning service companies that can help you clean and vacuum your mattress properly. You can hire some professional cleaning service companies that can keep your house clean and tidy easily. Contact some available companies, so you can compare some of their cleaning service rates. The mattress is an important thing that you have to clean frequently.